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#1525 or #1525A

bullet.2 Micron Protection

The M/S #1525 in-line Bacterial filter is completely bacterial retentive. It is sterilizing grade and filters .2 Micron. The #1525 will not allow liquids to pass and will discolor when it needs to be replaced. It is simple to install, and, used properly, those aggravating overflow problems can be eliminated. Fits all aspirators.


bullet.1 Micron
bulletLarger Capacity

The 1536 is unique. 95% of all suction protection filters are either one layer of PTFE (teflon) or a HEPA filter. The Medical Specifics filter contains a GMF (glass micro fiber) pre-filter as well. This feature allows the filter to last longer (more loading capacity). It also makes it compatible to be used with electro surgical and laser knives (during surgery) as the GMF will contain the smoke (solid particles). The PTFE will contain liquids. Together, they better protect the suction pump as well as the environment (the heath care worker, patient, etc. doesn't need to worry about pollutants from the pump).

The #1536 has approximately 500cm2 of volume, and can be used on all our Aspirators. These capsules should be good for the Physician Market or for procedures requiring larger overflow capacity. Everything being equal, the 1536 will last approximately 15-20 times as long as the 1525 or 1525A. In addition, all Medical Specific filters are threaded to easily connect to the vacuum pump.


The #43000 autoclavable canister was introduced in 1999. It has been designed to fit on any of Medical Specifics portable aspirators. The picture shows the canister mounted on a #2200E, giving the healthcare professional another type of collection system. The #43000 has a 1200cc capacity and contains a filter system in the lid.

#614000 & #614701

bulletSingle Patient Canister/Lid       
bullet2000cc Capacity (#614000)
bullet800cc Capacity (#614701)

The single patient #614000 canister can be used with any of our Aspirators except for #2200E. The lid has an aerostat hi-flow bacterial filter with a float valve shut off. Under this part number the two low pressure tubing with connectors are included. A #1525A (not included) will be needed for proper overflow protection. The #614701 is the replacement canister for the 2200E.